Guidelines for Authors

Poster presentations:

Poster size – A1, portrait. Height 840 mm, width 594 mm. 1 page. Format – pdf.

Only digital version, no paper, or printed posters! All digital posters will be accessible online.

Please, send your posters to the email: until 14 May, 2019.

Additionally, all posters will be presented at the stage giving a short speech of maximum 3 minutes. Presentation of competition posters not more than 5 minutes (including questions). No slides have to be sent. Please, have your slides with you during conference event. Maximum 5 slides (ppt, pptx, or pdf) must be prepared containing:

  1. The Title, Authors, Institution
  2. The aim and the tasks
  3. The poster
  4. Conclusions
  5. Acknowledgement

The posters in pdf format will be uploaded to the conference site and demonstrated.

Poster should include:
The main part:
· Poster title
· Authors
· Affiliations
· Introduction
· Materials and Methods
· Results and discussion
· Conclusions
· Acknowledgement (if necessary)