About the conference

The Vital Nature Sign is a multidisciplinary scientific conference for young and experienced scientists.

The Conference covers following scientific fields:

  • Natural products (foods, phytoproducts etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical technology
  • Synthetic, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Biotechnology, bioremediation, biochemistry, and bioanalysis
  • Energy & environment
  • Separation science: development & applications (fundamentals, theory,
  • problems etc.)
  • Biophysics and biomedicine
  • IT, artificial intelligence applied in life sciences and natural sciences
  • Applied physics

The present series of conferences evolved from the student conference “Where nature meets scienceā€œ, organized in 2006. Conference venue since that time was Kaunas. The conference was dedicated to Lithuanian investigators, however, foreign researchers have shown their interest as well. Therefore, since 2007 it was organized as an international conference “The Vital Nature Sign 2007”, where 39 papers by the researchers from 12 Lithuanian scientific institutions and 3 from foreign institutions were presented. In 2008 this conference expanded to 45 presentations from 19 Lithuanian and 8 foreign institutions. In 2009 the conference highlighted fundamental and experimental research aspects, and covered a range of natural sciences and substantially broadened the horizons of participants and offered collaboration opportunities. A separate section was devoted to the problems of separation sciences. The conference was attended by 65 participants from 18 Lithuanian and 9 foreign scientific institutions. In 2010 the conference sections included pharmaceutical and chemical technology, biotechnology, bio-assay, biochemistry, energy and environmental science topics. In 2011 152 participants registered for the conference from 17 Lithuanian and 12 foreign scientific institutions. The conference invited meritorious foreign scientists who gave plenary and key-note lectures and actively participated in the discussions. 7 foreign guests registered in the conference in 2012. 62 oral and 53 poster reports were presented. The participants were provided with an opportunity to discuss their research problems with the experts from various research fields from different institutions, to make new contacts or strengthen old ones, and find partners for their further investigations not only in Lithuania but also in foreign countries. Each year an increasing number of foreign research institutions and regional diversity promoted the conference internationally. In 2007 the conference received attention from the Swedish, Polish and Spanish speakers. In 2008 in the scientific conference scientists from Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Poland, and Finland shared their experience. 2009 and 2010 conferences integrated a separation sciences section, which was presented at high international level: reports of researchers from Poland, Italy, Norway, Latvia, the United States, Estonia, Germany, Austria, and Turkey were presented in this section. In 2011 and 2012 the conference was financially supported by the Lithuanian Research Council. This provided a possibility to invite renowned scholars from 8 foreign scientific institutions: Institute of Chemical Methodology (CNR, Italy), Bayreuth University (Germany), Pardubice University (Czech Republic), Lund University (Sweden), University of Marburg (Germany), University of Helsinki (Finland), Biomedical Centre of Uppsala University and Lund University (Sweden), who not only actively discussed and consulted, but also chaired the individual sections.